Dedicated to the experience of electronic culture.

Jaketone culture

Cultural and Musical dedicated to broadcast music, art and culture.
Founded in 2007, the Jaketone Experiences S.L. is an international association dedicated to the following purposes:

Promotion of artists, both novice and professional
Fostering communication, exchange of ideas and cooperation among artists, ecologists and the general public
Promotion of respect and care for nature and the environment
Approaching people of respect for culture and art in all its forms
Development of new forms of entertainment


Talented & Professional

For the fulfillment of these goals, Jaketone Experiences S.L. aims the organization of the following activities:
The promotion of artists and the dissemination of art, culture and ecology within its sphere of action
Organization of annual Festivals worldwide to promote the fusion of music, art and culture
Development of a communication network between Jaketone Experiences S.L., artists and fans though internet


Quality Experience


Follow this link to subscribe to our monthly music podcast. At the end of each month you will find a new episode, done by one of our artists, staff members or close friends of the label.

Music 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

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